She Left

She left.

She left everything behind. She crossed cities, small towns and state lines.

She left behind frayed friendships and mistakes and love gone terribly wrong.

She left it all behind in the blink of an eye.

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You were like the first breeze

After the hottest summer

On a summery afternoon

In a beach full of people.

I guess cliches did happen in real life

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From losing a 10-year-old friendship to making new friends within 10 days is a big task.

From having the whole class to play with to having no one to sit beside you is a big pain.

From liking every new song that comes on to being stuck on the same old playlist is a big change.

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Ode to The Moon

Luna won’t you be my lady love,
Allow me to serenade you,
In the secret disguise of night.
Whispering words sweeter than honey,
And offerings of the finest gifts,
Beauty knows no bounds to you,
As an ethereal, ancient goddess you bask.
Glory be in your splendour,
It measures up to none other.

Your features shrouded in utmost mystery,
A face unimaginably unique in each light.
So brilliantly you outshine every star,
For they gather ‘round you near and far.
With complexion paler than buttermilk,
And curving grooves so divine,
Darling Luna, won’t you be mine?


I’d Never Know…

I lost you when I was 9, and now, I’ll never know what it truly feels like to be loved. Whenever anyone came close, I pushed them away or hurt them tremendously because I could never forget what happened to you. That memory of you is etched on my mind like a permanent scar. On that date every year,  it’s painful; almost as if you were pulling strings of my heart. There is immense love there, but it hurts now. Is there a way to stop that pain? I know everyone has to leave someday but is it necessary to feel the pain for a lifetime? Will I ever, ever be happy without your memories? You should have taken your memories with you, shouldn’t you? Who would have known that what seemed to be the most naive yet most wonderful time of my life was soon to be followed by such tragedy? I’m sorry but your memories have become a curse for me now; it’s almost like, though you were the one who was gone, I am the one who died.


At seventeen,
she didn’t know what love was.
With her burgundy red lipstick,
5-inch heels,
and a pretty face.
She was young,
and hungry.

At nineteen,
she did not know what anger was.
Her torn maroon shirt,
broken mirror,
and bruised cheek.
She was bound;
and alone.

At twenty-one,
she did not know what pain was.
The crimson floor
shattered pills
and bloodied arms.
She was caged,
and terrified.

She craved warmth,
she knew it,
did she?


Hipster Aesthetic

Pretty things found in dreary places
Rainbows reflected in window panes
Muddled images gazing back halfway
City lights appeared as blurry flashes
Neon light signs in myriads of colours
Hotel nights; a simple luxury but none of the glamour
Smudged ink poetry on typewriter font
Wax sealed scrolls and handwritten letters
Ancient stamps and foreign coins
Unusual animals and panoramic views
Plants growing in peculiar places
Withered flowers and flourishing gardens
Retro fashion from back in the ages
Author quotes and hardback book covers
Messy sketches and canvas paintings
Scented candles and incense sticks
Gemstone collections vastly in nature
Vintage camera filters in colour tinted light
Movie scenes with subtitle quotes
Cat memes and Tumblr anecdotes.