Writers’ Fest 2019

A huge thanks to those who attended our very first Writers’ Fest!

The purpose of this fest was to express our gratitude to all of you who continually support our members’ heart filled writings and also invite you to dive into a world of creativity, where you can bring about your emotions and thoughts into life.

To recap what went down, we have incorporated four fun-filled games this time around :
1. Mini brain teaser sets of Word Search and Crossword
2. “Who’s that” which involved pairing up factual information and the respective authors
3. Double Trouble, consisting of two refreshing puzzles.
– “Find the Book and Save the Man”, a fun twist of the game hangman.
– “One True Pair”, a pairing game of various authors and their respective novels.
4. Last but not least, our decorative photobooth!

We hope all of you had a blast on our fest and Congratulations to the 3 lucky winners of our #WritersFest giveaway!