Cascade 2017

It was a splendid night filled with live performance and appreciation for the written word. This was the third event organised that was aimed at bringing students at SIM who appreciate different kinds of literature together. Both writers and non-writers were welcomed to perform by reciting their poetry to the audience and enjoy the performances of other writers.

Oftentimes, we are modest about our writings to the extent that we think our writings might not be the literature that is worthy of being shared and appreciated by others. As writers ourselves, we are conscious of how our self-doubts and lack of recognition as a writer might get in the way of having beautifully written literature being shared and savoured by others. This was a great opportunity for writers to get past that obstacle of self-doubt as we strongly encouraged everyone to share any form of writings they have done over the years. It could be a polished version of the scribbles done in between classes or the poems written during their free time that have been given long thoughts and contemplations. What they have in common is the potential to reach the hearts and souls of the audience who are able to fully relate or understand the feelings, sentiments and opinions expressed. Words that fully describe our feelings are hard to come by and what joy it brings the audience to be able to find words to those feelings cumulated over the years during the performances.