The Valentine Writing 2017

Love was in the air at our very first event on 13th February 2017! The celebration of love, in all its forms and manifestations, was the theme of the evening. Stories, poems and songs were shared in a convivial atmosphere of smiling faces, as love-struck storytellers recalled their passing fancies and passionate trysts of yore.…

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We got registered!

After a year of constant efforts to bring together all writers and non-writers at SIM, the SIM Writers’ Society is finally registered as an official society at the Singapore Institute of Management – Global Education, on the 16th of January 2018.

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Cascade 2017

It was a splendid night filled with live performance and appreciation for the written word. This was the third event organised that was aimed at bringing students at SIM who appreciate different kinds of literature together. Both writers and non-writers were welcomed to perform by reciting their poetry to the audience and enjoy the performances…

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Cast a Spell 2017

On the night of 30 October 2017, writers convened for an evening of stealthy spiders & eerie laughs through spine-chilling exchanges of stories and poems. A glorious mix of fun and fear was the spirit of the spooky spectacle, enlivened by the presence of Agents X and Y, who were hot on the trail of…

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Hello Fall 2018

Hello Fall 2018 was our back-to-school party where we had our members join us for a night of fun and bonding. We indulged in a few games like a pictionary and ‘two truths and lie’. Here are a few shots from our meeting:

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Poetry under the Stars

15th of March 2019 was the night of a major milestone for our society as we co-hosted our first ever collaborative event with NUS Literary Society, NTU Epiphany, and SMU Literati. It enabled writers from all 4 universities to come together, and express pure and raw emotions on stage through reciting their self written poems.…

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How To Write? – Nov ’18

The SIM Writers’ Society had its very own writing sessions where we shared with our members the fundamentals of writing. Here are the details of our writing sessions: I. 8th Nov, Thursday: Where it all starts II. 15th Nov, Thursday: Elements of Effective Writing III. 22nd Nov, Thursday: Types of Writing We aim to help…

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Cascade 2018

Cascade A Dreamy Flow of Words This was our second year hosting our flagship event, Cascade. It was a splendid night filled with live performance and appreciation for the written word. An event aimed at bringing students at SIM who appreciate different kinds of literature together,  we had w wonderful evening with beautiful performances and…

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Writers’ Fest 2019

A huge thanks to those who attended our very first Writers’ Fest! The purpose of this fest was to express our gratitude to all of you who continually support our members’ heart filled writings and also invite you to dive into a world of creativity, where you can bring about your emotions and thoughts into…

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Annual General Meeting 2019

Last year was all about being the “new kid on the block”, but this year we celebrate being a year older – continuing the legacy of my fellow founding committee, and growing as a society, and as a community of budding writers at SIMGE. In the short span of 2 years, we have accomplished and…

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