You cornered me, wanted to hold me captive. I was like a wild animal stuck in a cage with nowhere to go. Your emotions flooded over me like an avalanche, and I was drowning inside. I was smothered by your love- our selfish love. It was like someone turned on the radio from zero to one hundred. The intensity and passion of your love kept burning like coals on fire until a gust of wind extinguished it- poof. It was gone just like that.



Adulting is hard. When I was a kid, I wanted to grow up fast, and travel around the world. Unbridled freedom to explore places of interest and be unconstrained by boundaries. I wanted to wear heavy makeup and revealing clothes, like the valley girls in New York – have womanly curves which would make any boy blush. But now, at 23, I am filled with misguided notions about what adult life would be. It is more trouble than it’s worth, and it’s not all fun and games. As I look back, I can only reminiscence about my childhood.


Great Mysteries

When I was young, and I couldn’t solve my math problems, they told me I wasn’t thinking hard enough. Now that I am older, I am thinking too much probably; that’s why I have this mental affliction of my mind. I think I should just stop overthinking about the great mysteries of life and answers that nobody knew, and maybe then, the cacophony in my mind would quieten down.


I was lost

in the city of lost words.

I could not find my thoughts,

I could not find myself.

You drown me

with your words,

with your cold eyes.

I could not

Breathe or


in this city of lost words

I lost you.


I could tell that there was an undercurrent of depression, like a bog in a swamp, like a riptide on a sea. It seemed like a black hole, that would take everything good and seep it in. Her shiny veneer of happiness did not reveal the grotesque ugliness underneath. Sometimes, the rain would pour constantly, and she did not know where she was going, as she did not have a compass, and she had to swim against the strong currents and fight against the strong winds which threatened to sweep her away.


All she sees is a dark tunnel,

Calling her, pulling her in.


At the end stands an onyx gate,

Tall and bold, waiting to be opened.


In the middle, lies her vices,

Memories of hate, anger and pain.


She sighs and takes her first step,

The final journey to meet her fate.