You said you loved me. So let me go and set me free. I long to explore the vast expanse of Australia’s farms, play with the goats and kangaroos again. I love to explore the bustling streets of China and feel its cool breeze – a scent of freedom – on my skin. Whenever I listen to Dee Kosh on Power 98 FM, I feel like all my troubles have been washed away – all the hurt and sadness. I feel like I am not someone suffering from mental health issues anymore. Freedom: it breathes life into every prisoner’s mind. It holds you captive and spellbound.


You cornered me, wanted to hold me captive. I was like a wild animal stuck in a cage with nowhere to go. Your emotions flooded over me like an avalanche, and I was drowning inside. I was smothered by your love- our selfish love. It was like someone turned on the radio from zero to one hundred. The intensity and passion of your love kept burning like coals on fire until a gust of wind extinguished it- poof. It was gone just like that.



Adulting is hard. When I was a kid, I wanted to grow up fast, and travel around the world. Unbridled freedom to explore places of interest and be unconstrained by boundaries. I wanted to wear heavy makeup and revealing clothes, like the valley girls in New York – have womanly curves which would make any boy blush. But now, at 23, I am filled with misguided notions about what adult life would be. It is more trouble than it’s worth, and it’s not all fun and games. As I look back, I can only reminiscence about my childhood.