Through my heavy eyelids,

I glanced at my last packet of hot and spicy Lays

In the mess of scattered cans of red bull,

the bright rays of the sun begin to shine once again

As I finally clicked the “submit” button for my assignment


“What would you like to have sir?”, The waiter asked. He said, “A table with the perfect skyline view and two glasses of wine, please.”

A couple of days later, he went back to the same restaurant, awaiting his perfect date.

He, instead, found his love sharing the table with his best friend…


I wake up in the morning, shivering, with my whole body hurting.

I spend my day, trying to get it out of my head, as its darkness overwhelms me, even in broad daylight.

By evening, it follows me around like my shadow, only more cryptic and evil.

It creeps into my bed late at night, while the silence and blackness around makes me feel more vulnerable. It looks me in the eye and I realise that my demons are real.


We lay on the grass in the park, and talked about the constellations and the Milky Way- about how we are such insignificant parts of the universe, and yet how and yet how cosmic our existence is.

Today, I look up at the star-lit sky and think about you.

Do you think about me too?



You said you loved me. So let me go and set me free. I long to explore the vast expanse of Australia’s farms, play with the goats and kangaroos again. I love to explore the bustling streets of China and feel its cool breeze – a scent of freedom – on my skin. Whenever I listen to Dee Kosh on Power 98 FM, I feel like all my troubles have been washed away – all the hurt and sadness. I feel like I am not someone suffering from mental health issues anymore. Freedom: it breathes life into every prisoner’s mind. It holds you captive and spellbound.