You feel devastated when you know what you feel but can’t express it.

All these butterfly like feelings stuck inside the small room of my heart,

Feelings of love and hatred, confusions and lies which rip me apart.

And these unsaid words make others feel unwelcome,

So, they prove that I’m dumb.

Little do they know my inability and tranquility.

I wish someday to say it all out,

I want these butterflies to get their flowers and shout.


Shall We?

Dear You,


Let’s water the plants together

You and I

We’ll slowly watch the plants grow


As long as we are together

And don’t leave one another

Just one more thing,

Stay with me.



Shall we?’

Wenny Joe

An ugly old vase, cracked and worn
Void of purpose, and of soul
Whatever love you pour into me
Will never suffice or bring me joy
Please, throw me away
And leave me to decay.


I buried myself in a boundless sandbox,
Wary of the light and unwary of the dark.
The hollowness of dawn occasionally puckered the grains of sand
And peeking through the millimetres of a gap,
Looking up, a horde of grounded birds.


Fear of hurting shuts me up. So much to clarify but letting things be, kill my thoughts of clarification. After all, a good actor can comfortably carry out a happy act all day and every day.


I long to do more for you,

To slay those demons of yours and

Silence their endless tormenting

Alas, your path is lonesome

Goodness you feel, never lasts for

More than a few moments.


The remnants of my days

I spend wandering, hoping the light finds you

Hailing the stars, I journey onward

In the hopes I’ll be your saviour from the dark.