Two sides of a heart

An odourless smell swept away the railway.

Friction abolished, the engine roared alive.

While springs coiled up in a rage,

Bells came to life, minutes before death.

The fire scorched the crooked metals,

And, the unshaped, the unformed alighted.

Forgotten, the victims cried in agony –

Mortified by the terror of laughter.

Still, the culprit’s identity unknown.

They hid in hindsight,

Yet their shrieks rang out into the ears of the weak –

Those who begged and begged.

Fear, they chanted.

Fear, they craved.

Fear, they savoured.

They locked it inside an unkempt well, an abysmal depth.

The corpse of their heart pounded, alive.

“A heart for a heart is better than an eye for a heart,”

They said.


Little did you know

Little did you know,

How it broke my heart when you took off,

And with you, the lessons of Adolf made my heart bob,

You didn’t know, what that eye contact meant

Oh, the school days we spent.


Little did you know,

How happy I was to share my food with you,

But eventually, everything blew,

There comes the day of farewell,

The day everyone’s faces swelled

I knew I was going to go through hell.

Little did you know. Little did you know.


The beginning of the end

His last goodbye; a shallow breath,

A nebulous remembrance and a cipher remained unsolved.

His lungs and mind restless,

As he hurled his body into a brick bed.

Boldly he confessed,

“Soon my limbs will wither at twilight.

But I’ll return at dawn of night.”

Uncertainty what about it?

He dwelled on as his blood coagulates,

His last thought drifting through sentience.


Drawing Block Beach

Crafted of lead 

Scratched against paper 

Of curling and cursive doodles

Etched into its smooth surface


Its shading lightens and darkens

Its intensity changing as the pencil

A perfect fit upon the canvas


A cocoon swing chair 

Sits on the left 

A wooden cabana 

Nestled in the right 


They balance on a lever

Like a seaside seesaw 


Pebbles of various sizes

Littered across the shores

Watching your footsteps


Clouds surround

The smoldering sun above

Too afraid to shroud it


Not the most picturesque 

Nor very skillfully sketched

But it suffices all the same 


This freshly crafted page 

On drawing block beach.


Love Speculated

You haven’t even stepped into my life

And I’m scared of losing you


I stand there silently reading your expressions

There are some tears, some memories,

some attraction, and some promises.


I still hold on to the past, even now

Filled with feelings for you


I walk like a shadow with you in the scorching sun

I praise you in my dreams all night

How can I forget our past conversations?


I yearn for you with tears in my eyes

Your voice still echoes in my ears


I know that you and I belong together

Even if the world doesn’t know

All I want is nothing else, but you


All my hopes and dreams are shattered

All my feelings are burnt out

Yet I remember every word you’ve ever spoken


This is love, isn’t it?

And if it isn’t, then what is?