Do You?

Do you?

Do you ever feel its inappropriate to feel the way you do?

Or just that it’s wrong if you think too much?

The things you’re doing are insane,

So they don’t even matter.

The things you face will anyone ever know it?

The tears, your bedsheets know them all.

The nights you keep rolling around, your bed sheets know them too…

The days when you’re happy and dancing on your bed... yes your bedsheets know that too…


Will they ever know it?

Do you want to tell them?


Will she?

Today was the day she was going to be free,

She stepped outside her door with a smile,

But just then, the chains of reality struck her

An angry voice called out to her;

Woman, where do you think you’re going?”

A cold chill went down her spine.

To the outside world, she lived in a perfect world.

But what everyone failed to see,

Were the scars and marks on her body.

She hid them so well, that no one realised.

But today was the day,

Would she face her adversity or crumble before the world’s facade of fate?


Lips – uneven and plump,

A crooked smile lined with a haggard beard,

Wrinkly dimples, misaligned eyebrows.

Not the slightest bit of attraction arose,

But the need to be held permeated through my very being.


Furrowed eyebrows traced with lust

With eyes that oozed sympathy, all that I could never trust

Your burly arms wrapped around the deformed being,

I no longer acknowledged as my own


I stood there, overwhelmed by your kindness

Paralyzed by the thought of losing it all

To fall into darkness once again.

For another soul, I could never touch.


Another meaningless encounter

Perpetuating the curse of discontent

Yet I pulled in, towards the face

Of another empty vase, for which I felt nothing but disdain

Another scar that will forever remain.


A thousand lies and still counting,

The mindless chatter.

The incoherent mumbles laced with spite.

The remorseful malice.

The bittersweet flattery.

The intentional vulnerability.

Back and forth, it goes.

Reused and recycled,

the life cycle of lies.


Looking straight into you,

I see hidden emotions, broken hearts,

eyes pretending to sparkle and a

thousand unspoken words with a strong

‘I don’t give a damn’ smokescreen

attitude. If only the mirror could express.


With cars whooshing past

And bare feet lavished in mud,

he stared longingly through the

windowpane of the ice cream parlour,

recalling the budding memories of youth.

An unbroken soul was what he was.


Let’s just forget everything and start fresh,

Let’s just forget and forgive each other,

Let’s just spend days and nights looking at each other once again.

Let’s talk the way we used to a long time back

Let’s fight and shout, but let’s talk

Let’s just move past our winter and return to our summer once again.

Let’s just forget the fights we had

Let’s just accept each other’s flaws

Let’s just break down each other’s walls

Let’s just complete each other once again

Let’s just smile when the other smiles

Let’s cry when the other is hurt

Let’s accept the future we deserve

Let’s just confide in each other the way we once used to…