Today’s women

She wants to be tremendously believed

But never demands to be misconceived.

She wants to be wholeheartedly relieved

after she has surreptitiously grieved.

She wants to be strongly considered,

yet needs authority to never be hindered.

She wants to be passionately desired

but needs to be tremendously admired.

Pushing the beauty standards,

yet aspiring to be pondered.

She aspires to be tactfully chased,

yet needs to be completely embraced

for whatever she has solitarily faced.

She wants to be righteously pursued,

with the right amount of admiration and adequate suit.

She wants to be skilfully conquered,

yet must be honored and armored.

She craves to be seen and gracefully recognized,

not terrorized and pressurized.

She is today’s woman, fully westernized

yet combating the society which is still paralyzed.


A silent date

We have a silent agreement:

Same time, same stop,

Four times in a row.

A glance, a stare.

No words but an agreement.

I missed a bus but I met you.

No stunts, just mischievous luck.

Every day, a step closer-

It’s 3 feet and 3 inches

Left between us.

Curious when the toes touch.

A date without words.


Slice of Life Tragedy

An elderly woman, tragically dead.

Her untimely death, a shock to many.

But she, who took her own life,

Fell down eight stories to her demise.


Corpse found her at the break of daylight

Amidst the rush of a Monday morning

Bloodied head lying by the drain

Lifeless body left to be found


Scandal in the quiet neighbourhood

A suicide case was remarkably rare

Crowds gathered to stop and stare

For the police were now there

Dark blue tent to cover the morbid sight,

Forensic officers sent up to the flat.


Yellow tents set up at the void deck

Scarlet incense sticks smoked

While tears were provoked

Upon an altar, a portrait of the departed

A face of a woman looked back;

Too young to die, yet too tired to survive.


A morose young woman sat in black.

Her heart, a storm of emotions;

Remorse, Regret, Repentance…

She had lost her mother.


A funeral yet to come

The guests soon to arrive

A coffin sits peacefully next to the altar

Many a word comes to mind:

Simplicity. Solitude. Suicide.


Within next few hours

Relatives will arrive to mourn her

Silent weeping and bowed heads follow

Respects need to be paid,

Funeral procession to be underway

And a body to cremate.


I was not thinking clearly about anything.

I mean, I was just angry!

It was not jealousy.

I saw her in my dream,

screaming and yelling at me.

“Please”, she cried.

It is not jealousy;

I am way better than that,

Or so I thought.

But that would not explain the stained shirt.

Maybe it is jealousy.

What can I say?

I was not thinking clearly about anything.


I met him inside my dream again.

Only two of us talking,

He hurts himself again.

A car accident.

I was worried;

he said he was okay.

He told me his stories again;

I did not pay attention,

I did not want to know.

He was upset, and

tried to leave.

I reached out my hand,

“Stay?”, I begged him.

He stayed.

“Do you hate me?”,

I laughed a little.

“I wouldn’t be here if I hated you, Silly”

He smiled, “Well true, then

do you love me?”