I saw it. I saw it all.

The flames took everything captive.

Like a spoiled child, an activist on the streets, it took everything it could lay its hands on.

The granaries were vandalised in the fire.

The old buildings tore themselves to the ground.

The old church looked like it had been to hell.

And as I turned behind me,

I saw that a man had long lynched himself.

It wasn’t just the town that got burned today.

Chehara Vitaran

You look like somebody else-


Unseen parts of you-


You pull me in,

yet push me out.

Love seeker,

but can’t stay in love.

You have the brightest smile-


Yet full of tricks.

We can play hide and seek,

or do anything you want.

I can’t wait.


Musings about rainy days

The icky feeling of mulch under your shoe,

The sickening squelch of mud sounding through your ears.

The smell, of heavy dampness lingering in the air-

The distant reminder of being thoroughly soaked.

The ordeal, of having to peel off your drenched clothing.

The raindrops falling like tiny bullets,

The lightning striking like a viper to kill.

The thunder rumbling, making you jump out of your bones.

The wind howling against your face,

The chill of the cold numbing your skin.

The sleep-inducing lull of the rain,

The creeping need to crawl back into bed.

The ideal kinda sweater weather.

The ground feeling like hazardous banana peels,

The memories of unfortunate falls passing through your head.

Precariously, watching every step taken on the wet ground,

With an umbrella raised above your head,

Praying your heart will feel less dread.


Today’s women

She wants to be tremendously believed

But never demands to be misconceived.

She wants to be wholeheartedly relieved

after she has surreptitiously grieved.

She wants to be strongly considered,

yet needs authority to never be hindered.

She wants to be passionately desired

but needs to be tremendously admired.

Pushing the beauty standards,

yet aspiring to be pondered.

She aspires to be tactfully chased,

yet needs to be completely embraced

for whatever she has solitarily faced.

She wants to be righteously pursued,

with the right amount of admiration and adequate suit.

She wants to be skilfully conquered,

yet must be honored and armored.

She craves to be seen and gracefully recognized,

not terrorized and pressurized.

She is today’s woman, fully westernized

yet combating the society which is still paralyzed.


A silent date

We have a silent agreement:

Same time, same stop,

Four times in a row.

A glance, a stare.

No words but an agreement.

I missed a bus but I met you.

No stunts, just mischievous luck.

Every day, a step closer-

It’s 3 feet and 3 inches

Left between us.

Curious when the toes touch.

A date without words.