The Sins of a Mother

Lamia Chandler immediately snapped off her bloodied gloves as she entered her suite room dancing with holographics of the human biology, spinning diagrams of the DNA analysis of each person in the entire society. She threw her tablet onto the large bed at her left, gritting her teeth as she felt tears welling up in her eyes when she recalled the boy’s fearful face, the desperation and sudden horror and understanding racing across his features just as she ordered him to be put down...

The Boy Who Wondered

It’s the year 2065. Pierre watched the electronic clock silently, his bright eyes trained intensely on its luminous numbers. 0529. Another minute till the day started. It was out of sorts to diverge from the routine, but Pierre’s mind was in overdrive. This was eccentric and entirely peculiar because, you know, his mind was plainly blank. He ground his teeth together, watching the numbers blur together for a moment, before it settled on five thirty. Alarms blared across the room, lights immediately blinking on. Pierre knew that : in every other room in the colony dormitories, alarms and lights were blaring; waking everyone up to start the routine...

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