Little did she know, she’ll metamorphose into a human like that.

A little braver, a little more independent.

People around her, tell her she’s no good,

People whom she had considered closer than blood.

Why do people try to push her down?

Toxic people spreading negativity around,

But she knows she is not bound.

It keeps her moving, keeps her together.

Yet she waits for the day, when her efforts actually count;

Awaiting for the day where all those people can hear her out loud.

She is in store of her own destiny of clouds.

She awaits.


Shall We?

Dear You,


Let’s water the plants together

You and I

We’ll slowly watch the plants grow


As long as we are together

And don’t leave one another

Just one more thing,

Stay with me.



Shall we?’

Wenny Joe

An ugly old vase, cracked and worn
Void of purpose, and of soul
Whatever love you pour into me
Will never suffice or bring me joy
Please, throw me away
And leave me to decay.


The Resistance

That mind of hers was crazy, her soul wild

She oppressed them with a childlike mentality

She was simply lonely.

And this was the only place that did not make her feel as such

People came and left, similar to the ones in her life

No stranger she was to estrangement, yet somehow in here

Her heart was at peace, her brain preoccupied

It helped keep her creeping insanity at bay

Why couldn’t they understand her desperate pleas?

Did she have to get on her knees?

Was profit all that mattered to them?

What about the happiness of the people in that place?

Sure, her being there had no benefit to them

And so, she was forced out for refusing to leave

But still, she didn’t see anything wrong

In not wanting to leave the supermarket.


Once upon a starry night,

A pendulum of forbiddenness,

crept into the soundness of mind.

The prisoners rejoiced

And the free-willed wept.

The bilateral motion of right and left

blurred the lines between.

Drained and deadening,

the pendulum unwired.

But the forbiddenness lay waiting.



The most ironic part of love,

Is that both sides,

Are meant not to have a proper closure,

No matter how hard both are trying,

One is accepting, while the other is feeling guilty

One is hurting, while the other is being selfish


At that moment, you’d asked me,

“How do I get closure?”

I replied,

“Just stay.”

Wenny Joe