Standing on the edge,

Staring into the abyss

I found the meaning of my life

As ​I stood on the edge, surrounded by uncertainty Surrounded by the unknown

It was then that I saw her, standing ​there ​unwavering

Her deep blue water and her battle for existence

She didn’t let the burden that we put on her

The toxicity, the dirt, and the impure chemicals affect her

She battled for all the life within her against the shores of land

The source of her slow poison

She stood her ground to show her worth

What we never understood, was her wrath

The wrath that could make all else ash​.



Sometimes I want to forget how you make me feel


You make me feel mushy inside yet look at me as cold as stone


Your words melt my heart yet pierce through my conscience

I’ve done everything in my power to make you happy

Yet you took my one flaw and made me question everything

What will it take for you to be pleased with me?

What will it take for me to stop trying to please you?


Your encouragement sounds as fake as the plastic in the trash

Yet you take the time to write me elaborate words expressing how good I am

You tell me to break free from being my closed-off self

Yet you tell me to behave when I speak up for myself

I was sick to my stomach and your words calmed me down

But here I am standing and crying because you took the root of all my happiness away

You say that you want to see me succeed yet you said words like you wouldn’t care if I bled to death on a street

What will it take for you to be pleased with me?

What will it take for me to stop trying to please you?


You are

Holding my hand in darkness

Sheltering me from the rain

Being my bridge to the world

In my moments of sadness and woes

Always there to support me, guide me

Whenever I find myself sinking

You are always there, wading through the waters to rescue me

Perhaps in my moments of happiness, I forget

You are the reason for that joy

You are the reason for my birth and rise

I appear strong to those around the world

But you stand beside me always know what’s on my mind, even through my silence

You are the reason for my smile

You are the reason for my existence

You are the inspiration needed in my life

You are my aspiration

You are the reason I learned how to love.


It hasn’t been a second since I had forgotten you and yet you come back to my mind.

In a short nap, I dreamt about you a hundred times.

I cherish those days when you were with me. And now, in every moment, there is a desire to meet you. I can’t forget you, even today, because in my memories we are still smiling together.


Unfamiliar faces, incessant squealing

Where have I come?

Humans unrecognised, places unknown

Relations I don’t care for

Broke free and ran away

Felt lost and looked lost

Where have you brought me,



You took it all away

Oh, what have I become?

Apathetic and numb to the world, I trust no one.

Looked twice and judged twice,

Felt nothing and sensed nothing,

When did you turn me into this,



Stood there watching it all,

Why didn’t you do something to stop the pain?

Disbelief and anger crept inside;

Hope lost, Emotions lost

Pain beseeched, Regret beseeched

Why did you do this to me,

Never spoke a word of it

Why didn’t you talk about it to someone?

Maybe, I was scared

Dread filled, Misery filled

Blood drained, soul drained

What have you done to me,

… … … ?


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