Her life was filled with joy and happiness

Standing tall with her self-made personality

She worked hard throughout her life,

Her parents held their heads up high with pride and happiness

But all it took was a minute

Just 60 seconds to destroy everything she had worked for

Her success was envied by those who disregarded her hard work

Just 60 seconds and they burned her face

What they thought was the reason for her success

Her life was shattered, she didn’t know how she could live her life again

Surrounded by pity and judgment, she was paralyzed

It was then that she remembered, she was the pillar for her parents

She wiped the tears of her parents’ eyes and vowed,

Never again would she let anyone else dictate her life

It has been two years now,

Just 24 months and she has topped her entire country’s ranks

An officer of the law, she stands ready

Helping those who became victims yesterday, become leaders today.


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