Her True Self

The stormy night stood unwavering

Bold and fearless with all its might

Harsh winds destroying everything in its path

Fear surrounding its arrival

People running to their shelters

Leaving the storm all alone to

Wreak havoc in its wake

But in their fear, the people failed to see her true self

Her center being calm as ever

She creates a force around herself

Her might rendered only to protect herself

Rendering the wrath of patient Mother Nature

The mother who is always calm

Until it hurt to a point, where she can’t hold back

Not without reminding her children to correct their path

To become more human and less like monsters

Stepping over others, devaluing people

She makes them kneel before her

To remind them that they are meniscal

Beneath her wrath, lies her love

But in her fear, the people fail to see her true self.


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