The Glass Jar

Hiding her feelings, she puts on an emotionless face

Her joy, her love, her sorrows, her anger trapped in a glass jar she kept hidden

Afraid that if she shows her glass jar to the world

It will be broken again.

Her moments of happiness will be lost once again

Facing death at a young age

She stood alone, facing the worst of the world.

Just once, she said to herself, just once

“Let me let go, let love guide me”

Just today, a jar was given to her

Filled with the rhythm of warmth and comfort

Covered with the seal of love

Its beating glass giving her the protection she needed

But now, with love standing in front of her, will she recognize it?

Will she see it and take the helping hand held out to her?

Will she feel the love she once lost again?

Will she find her strength to show her glass jar?

Or will her fear trap her in?


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