Lips – uneven and plump,

A crooked smile lined with a haggard beard,

Wrinkly dimples, misaligned eyebrows.

Not the slightest bit of attraction arose,

But the need to be held permeated through my very being.


Furrowed eyebrows traced with lust

With eyes that oozed sympathy, all that I could never trust

Your burly arms wrapped around the deformed being,

I no longer acknowledged as my own


I stood there, overwhelmed by your kindness

Paralyzed by the thought of losing it all

To fall into darkness once again.

For another soul, I could never touch.


Another meaningless encounter

Perpetuating the curse of discontent

Yet I pulled in, towards the face

Of another empty vase, for which I felt nothing but disdain

Another scar that will forever remain.


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