Wheels on Gravel

Quaint powder blue retro buggy car
The colour of the sky, a perfect aerial camouflage
Whizzing past, with a toot for a horn
A smile finds its way to your face

A car wrapped in metallic skin,
Reflected against the glow of street lamps.
Zesty lime green tried to pass off
As a tacky replacement for gold
So much for being bold.

An elegant black business car
Glides into vision on the street.
Its home- a lavish one-
Gardens and swimming pools,
Full length windows and dining rooms.

Minimalist stretch town car rolls into sight;
Could pass for a limousine, but not quite.
Its metal body pure as the first snow
What business it has here, no one knows

Crimson Chili flashes pass your eyes,
But you hear its bold roar first.
Wild like a Mustang – an untameable beauty.
For speed it was made, unstoppable it shall be.


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