First love

To me, writing is like marriage between paper and words. It’s a form of holy matrimony between my thoughts and my writing. Sometimes, I find it tedious and painful. But it makes me think: what made me fall for my wife in the first place- was it the cheerful demeanour, care and concern? Or her enchanting beautiful eyes? It is not easy to resurrect what has died and come to pass. There are times where I want to give up when I get a writer’s block. But when I discover what draws me to poetry in the first place, that glimmer, that flicker of inspiration, I now have found my calling. It makes me trudge on no matter how difficult it is, how frustrating or time consuming it is. When I make that masterpiece—poetry done and baked to perfection in the oven – it is all mine. The pinnacle of my essence, baring my entire soul and entire being to the world. It is the apex of the meaning of my life.


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