Eye of the storm: Mind’s eye

You told me you loved me. Then, you told me you hated me. You saw that I could do no wrong, and you put me on a pedestal. Your impression of me was soon broken, shattered into smithereens. You told me I was a liar,a manipulator, that I spun you round my little finger and made you giddy and confused. That couldn’t be further from the truth. In your eyes, I was the devil and angel all at once. Your fury knew no boundaries. Your calls- endless, and accusatory. These are machinations of your mind in the eye of the storm. Soon, your warped and amnesiac mind denied all allegations as if nothing happened. We were back to friends again, plain and simple. You were the Jekyll-Hyde of my life—the emotional roller coaster that spun me around and threw me off. My seat didn’t have any buckles in the first place, and there was no brake.


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