8th September 2018

It is World Mental Health Day. For some, it is just an ordinary day, for others, it is a day of celebration; for commemoration. For some, it signifies a new beginning, a new start. For others, it is a day to thank their family members and caregivers and friends who stood by their side. For some, they feel fortunate, for they thought they would never live past 24, or 30, or whatever the arbitrary number is. World Mental Health Day brings new promises, new hopes, new dreams. The past is washed away by those who won the fight against their inner demons. There are people still fighting arduous battles. War-hardened veterans come along to support them, to make sure they last through the night and emerge triumphantly. They say sanity is a blessing, and recovery is a journey. I couldn’t agree more. It is easy to take your sanity for granted if you have not experienced what it is like to hallucinate and see in technicolour, or see things others do not see. The devastating and hopeless feelings of desperation at 3 a.m. You would not understand. Life is what you make of it: good or bad, happy or sad. You take the good with the bad and hope that the good outnumber the bad. Let us not take our sanity for granted, because it is a very precious resource. Self-care is very important, and let us take time out from the stresses of life.


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