The Rainbow Story

The storm brewed and raged on and on, with lightning flashes across the sky. Torrents of rain poured from the vast and infinite sky, incessantly and endlessly. The sound of thunder struck fear into the bravest of hearts. It seemed like we would not make it through the night. But the rain slowly subsided, the skies turned brighter, from Prussian blue, to cerulean blue, and then baby blue. The clouds did not look as threatening as before. Where previously they were various shades of imposing angry grey, now they were white like cotton candy in the sky. Rays of sunlight emanated from the sun. Bands of red, orange, blue and green emerged from the clear, azure sky; the ornate colours of the rainbow. Drops of dew dripped from green leaves. As i take a sip, it is so refreshingly cool. Flowers, dressed in their pink and yellow clothes, dance to the invisible beat of the distant drum. The storm is over, the skies are clear. We made it through another day. There is a rainbow after the storm after all.


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