Center yourself

It is hard to be grateful in times when everything does not seem to go right, and the waves of turbulence are crashing over you. Sometimes life seems so bleak and you feel aimless, like a piece of driftwood floating in the sea. I try to count my blessings, such as the fact that I am safe and sound. That I am not incarcerated or held captive, and I can go wherever my heart takes me. I know that I am in my final lap of completing my degree, and that is something to be happy about. My father is paying for my university fees, and although the purse strings have to be tightened, he dutifully pays for it every semester. I feel glad that I passed my harrowing piano exam, as I was shaking and trembling through it. Although I may not know what jobs are suitable for me after I graduate, I believe there is a vast array of opportunities waiting for those who are hungry for knowledge and to learn. I am thankful for having clean water and sanitation, and to be able to sleep in comfortable quarters every night.


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