Pain is my only salvation,

The only emotion

That can free my soul,

From these confines of harsh reality.


Freedom is merely an expression

Of the void within,

That means to be filled to the brim,

With joy or sorrow or silence even.


With clipped wings, I tried to fly,

Soar through the starry sky,

Scarred by those expectations,

And the universe’s sigh.


Clipped with these shackles of prejudice

That gripped my psyche tighter than my wings,

I fought for freedom of thought.

Alas, my wings were tattered, and so was my mind.


But not all was lost,

For hope was within.

It began to shine,

To strive for light.


It healed my mind, my soul, my wings.

It rose them all from the abyss within.

Hope, then, filled the void within…

Now, I could rest for now the night had to begin.


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