Captivative, yet held back,

Don’t wear that dress!

It’s the figure you lack.


Reminded at every second,

Of how misshaped she was.

She wondered,

Is body-shaming just all talk?


Worked for hours at the gym.

Ate less, till she starved.

Only to keep up with societal norms.


Then came a day when she met this someone.


He told her,
Baby you’re beautiful the way you are.

He lifted her heart,
Like a wish made on a shooting star.

She asked,

Don’t you want me to fit into a Size 8 dress at all?

He pecked her on the cheek and replied,

Don’t worry, I don’t care at all doll!


She felt liberated.

She felt free.

Someone in the crowd,

Has accepted her flaws.


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