Rejection – a form of injection

Crying, staying silent, bursting with anger on someone.

Situations where you give up or say “I’m so done”.

These are one of the most common ways of showing dejection.

And the main cause to this problem;

More or less rejection.


All of us have faced it some time in our lives,

Whether it is in the case of marriage, expectations or work.

Some are able to survive,

Whereas others feel deprived.


The pain which is caused by rejection,

Is no less than the pain caused by an injection.

When it comes in contact with us,

We are unable to handle the fuss.

We either cry or bear silently,

And then stay confused apparently.


But the result of it is also similar to that of an injection.

After getting pierced by it, we become fit for the future.

We remain active and stronger,

Just like rejection.

Where at first, it makes us weaker.

But then gives us strength to fight tough problems later.


The biggest pain a human faces is rejection.

That’s what most people around me believe.

However, I believe that it is all about perception.

It is up to us if we treat it as a small issue or large infection.

It can either become the cause of our lowness or a future perfection.


But all we have to remember is,

If we want, we can overcome any issue.

From our lives, we can throw it like a waste tissue.

We just need two things – support and love.

So if you know anyone who is going through this,

Give them your support and love.

And in their lives, they will keep you all the way above.


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