When times were rough and life got tough,

When sorrows were rooted deep in my heart,

When my mind seemed to be engulfed in deep-seated agonies of my past,

And when tears rolled down my cheeks upon the slightest strike of hard luck.

I will never forget those days.

Those days when the howls of my heart were left unheard,

When my soul pined for love for a thousand years.

Why do I feel so incomplete despite all that I have?

Oh lord! Why do I have to battle the turmoil between my heart and my mind?

To escape those predicaments, I often strolled to a place where the horizon was at sight.

A place far away from the hectic and cruel world outside.

Far across the distance laid the deep blue sea.

Its sight gave my heart a soothing ease.

I settled down on the bed-like sand,

My knees hugging close to my chest.

The chilly breeze caused a shiver down my spine.

Slowly and calmly, I reflected on the miseries in my life.

I convinced myself that life would be fine.

After all, the first glow of light comes after the darkest hour of the night.


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