Sedate me, please

You told me not to worry

And that you’d be quick,

That I ought to stay calm

And let the numbness seep in, slowly.

You told me how you’ve done this before,

And that no one protested

That there are no side effects,

And that you are highly praised.

You told me anaesthesia is essential,

And that I’d feel nothing

That dieting is irrelevant,

And that maybe I’d feel a slight pinch, like an ant’s kiss.

You wanted to distract me

But I’m past the age of stickers

I’m past the age of candies

And there is nothing left that really pleases me.

You told me that it will all be over quickly

And smiled warmly,

And I’d realised my body is slowly

reacting to the sedative, slowly turning cold.

Ler Jun

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