She was fierce

She can fight

She was everything that shined in the limelight

But little did she know, her spark would soon fade away

Because darlings, that’s what girls have to face.


Anger was her biggest enemy.

She insulted, breaking him apart

But he said, ‘No, it isn’t your fault.’


Then came a day when she realized

She broke a man who swallowed his pride

She cried and cried

only to decide

She hurt many, not caring for their plight

For now, she has moved on while not having someone by her side.


She walked down the street

with a small grin on her face,

little did anyone know the storm brewing in her head.

She wondered how he was and whether he was alive.

For he didn’t call

Cause her to slowly die.


She knew this was because she had an opinion on everything.

Now she stays muted and agreed to anything you would say.

Her mother told her once, “Be yourself.”

To which she thought today, I guess it’s finally time for a change.

As she shut down and stays dormant


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