Over the tree of utter disdain

I lived laughed and played in vain…

I looked at the sky with the hope of love ,

But I was blinded by the side of a bleeding Dove…


The Dove told me about the pain

It suffered; truly inhumane

Her story carried endless depth,

It was Abyss, that put the ocean to shame…


She cried,weeped and grieved,

Over the trust she bequeathed,

Over the ones she believed,

Needed her love to breathe…


She regretted , repented and rued

Against the tree of death anew,

She knew her scars were to Long last,

But to treat her heartless fate, that might not be as fast.


She coaxed and swayed

in my arms embrace

She hoped and prayed,

Her secret was in my veins.


Her embrace was as warm as my heart,

Over the pain she reviewed as art,

She knew her secret was safe then,

Within the art of my dying pen.


In the next moment,

I witnessed my life’s purpose,

As I gave her, her life, as atonement

Repenting nothing and yet everything, In my heart’s circus.


The last look I gave,

Was to my bleeding arms and those flocking birds,

Ever so silently I whispered, Don’t bleed again,

Don’t trust in vain, but still remain the same…


As my eyes welcomed the absolute darkness

I wished to never see her slain.


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