Stormy hearts

Chaos spilled over pristine white sheets,

Hands blood-soaked with my own

Bodies filled with wounds – self inflicted.



Cries for attention.

I stained your shirt whilst holding on to my heart.

Like a cup overfilled with blood wine;

You pushed me out

Purging along with my intense emotional turmoil; my repenting affection.

Harsh, bitter and cold was our winter.

But frost-bitten numbness thaws with eternal warmth.

Spring’s reunion brings the warmth of awakened love and devotion.

Reinstated with newfound understanding and mutuality.

True love overcomes all obstacles;

And so it has overcome.

The sun has risen, my love

Our sun…

I awake to the shape of your shadow,

On our near empty bedspread.

Renewed, clean, crisp with forgiveness and acceptance.

Like a distant nightmare, the dark night has made way for divine love’s rebirth.

Distance, disagreements and disapprovals have been forgiven.

Above us soar the brave Ravens, celebrating victorious

growth as we run through the Trojan war field with the wolves of our passion.

For the truth of our love has been illuminated to the eyes of our hearts.

Reunion is sweet nectar embalmed in historical amber;

Its richness deepens and never stales.




Fear is but an illusion.


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