My Love

I’m in love with the idea of you.

Why have you turned to a stone?

Even in togetherness, I’m so alone.

Why are your eyes openly blind?

You look past my tears,

Oh! The times for you I have pined!

My heartfelt plea fall on your deaf ears

Your stony silence that magnifies a pain, that cuts and slashes . . .

In my helplessness and frustration, I wonder

Hasn’t my love been enough,

Submitted willingly to your devouring plunder?

I looked at you with all the love in the world,

But all I got was a stone-cold stare,

With empty eyes and frigid hands.

I loved you with everything I had,

Yet all the warmth I radiated through my body to yours,

did nothing to break your asperity.

Oh! How I want to kiss you,

In the hope to melt your stone cold heart.

A kiss, so soft and tender,

Your exterior will crumble to the ground.

Even though your heart is buried in that fragile carved stone,

My love for you is tough enough to find it.

Your eyes, once blinded by the dark,

Now able to see what I’ve seen all along.

With your new found freedom, please take me in your arms

And be the man I know you are.


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